Obamacare and entrepreneurs: What you should know; how to prepare

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 11 2012 10:14 a.m. MST

Decreasing the amount of research and development would have decreased the amount of innovation the organization could bring to the fore. And as previously stated, innovation is a critical fuel to sustainability and producing the technologies that will ultimately make health care more affordable.

Why the particular “punishment” on medical device companies? According to Cullimore, the theory is that the enactment of the act will result in more devices being needed and purchased, therefore producing a “windfall” for manufacturers that would offset the new tax.

Will there be layoffs? At 160 employees, Cullimore’s company has no layoffs planned as the result of the tax currently, but he acknowledges that when details arrive, it is highly possible that many companies may have to make rapid changes in direction on the fly.

Entrepreneurial employees and organizations will be more vital to our economy than ever before. Do you have additional thoughts and comments? Feel free to leave them here — and both Kelvyn Cullimore and I will do our best to respond. As always, I’d love to hear what’s on your mind, either here or via @AskAlanEHall or www.AlanEHall.com.

This article originally appeared in Alan Hall’s weekly Forbes column.

Alan E. Hall is a co-founding managing director of Mercato Partners, a regionally focused growth capital investment firm. He founded Grow Utah Ventures, is the founder of MarketStar Corp. and is chairman of the Utah Technology Council.

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