Unemployment does not treat all American's equally, one study finds.

Asians and African Americans are unemployed for the longest periods of time out of all other ethnic groups, according to a study done by Face the Facts.

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Overall, the unemployment rate hovers around 8 percent. Of that, the average period of unemployment for individuals varies. Asians are unemployed on average for 27.7 weeks, African Americans for 27 weeks, Caucasians for 19.7 weeks and Hispanics for 18.5 weeks.

All the factors about why unemployment time varies on ethnicity are not known, but rates in mid-2012 hit 14.1 percent for African Americans, which is nearly twice as much as the 7.2 percent unemployment of Caucasians.

Hispanics have the second highest rate at 10.2 percent and Asians the lowest with 5.9 percent unemployed.

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