, Utah’s largest news website, has undergone changes to its navigation, which will help emphasize the company’s values-based content.

The changes come to three main sections of the website: Business, Sports and Family Life.

“Business” will now be replaced by “Moneywise” as one of the main sections on

Local and national business news, as well as our trusted voices in business, can now be found in the “News” tab under the “Business” sub-section.

“Deseret News: Moneywise” is a new section of the Deseret News that focuses on helping you and your family save money and live providently. It will have three sub-categories, which are “Pocketbook,” “MoneyPolitics” and “WorkLife.”

“Pocketbook,” which was previously the “Family Finance” subsection, is all about personal and family finance, while “MoneyPolitics” contains news about how government fiscal policies affect families. WorkLife, formerly known as “Career,” features information on how to better balance your work and family lives.

“Deseret News: Moneywise” will no longer have the “Tech & Innovation” and “Entrepreneurship & Leadership” sub-sections.

“Family Life” is changing to simply “Family” and will also include different sub-categories.

Stories about food, health and travel as they relate to families will now be available in the new “Marriage & Parenting” section.

Local “Arts & Entertainment” is no longer found in the “Family” section and has been moved to the “Utah” section of “News.” The new sub-section “Family Media” will contain articles about TV shows, video games, movies and other entertainment with an emphasis on how this media affects children.

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The new “Movie Guide” section links to, a resource that allows parents to rate and review movies with their friends and family to discover appropriate movies for their families.

The focus of the “Sports” section remains the same, but there are some changes and additions to its sub-sections.

Two new links can be found under sports, “Rock” and “Harmon,” which link to stories written by well-known Deseret News sports columnists Brad Rock and Dick Harmon, respectively.

“Scores & Stats” can now be found under “More” in the Sports section.


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