Balancing act: Wake up and read results of the tiredness quiz

Published: Monday, Dec. 3 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

"Since our children range in age from 21-34, and they are spread out, we never really took the soccer and football chairs and blankets out of the trunk," Pam wrote. "The dance and drama recitals are with grandchildren now instead of our own, and Sunday dinners are very large, fun and crazy.

"I was just talking to my son ... and I read to him the part of your article about your wife saying that peace might come when the last one goes out the door! He just chuckled at that and said, 'Your house is definitely busier than it was when we all lived at home!' So that is the truth, like your wife said, BUCK UP, it only gets busier even after the last one leaves!"

Pam wrote that she enjoys having family close and spending time with them, even if it is chaotic sometimes.

"So I, like you and others, will still need to find the time to slow down and relax," she wrote. "I just had this conversation with some friends last weekend at a getaway, that we almost have to learn to relax, instead of filling every moment with getting things done that we didn't have time to do at home! It is a process, and I am interested to see what others say, until then we just try to keep up!"

It definitely is a process, Pam, and the advice and ideas I've received so far have given me plenty of food for thought. I'd like to hear from others, too. How do you tackle your tiredness?

Let me know, and I'll revisit this issue again in a future column.

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