Latest study: Alcohol use lowest among Utah teens

Published: Monday, Nov. 26 2012 6:40 p.m. MST

Reducing access to alcohol remains an important step in preventing underage consumption, according to the report. All states have had the authority for alcohol control since 1933, and each prohibits possession of alcoholic beverages by anyone under age 21, but no state is immune from underage drinking problems, the report said.

"Highlighting the prevalence of these problems in each state can help federal, state and local policymakers plan for and allocate resources to combat underage drinking, including efforts to reduce the availability of alcohol to young people, raise awareness about underage drinking and its consequences, and develop effective approaches to prevent underage drinking," the report states.

Whittle said such policies are helping to keep consumption rates down among teens, but more can be done.

"We need to be better at reducing access in the home," he said. Also addressing a drinking problem while it is still early is important. Whittle said solutions are available, but "if you're allowed to use routinely, the consequences grow."

Contributing: Carole Mikita


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