Timothy R. Clark: Hostess is 'Lost in the Fifties Tonight'

Published: Monday, Nov. 26 2012 6:50 a.m. MST

This is the folly of enlisting marginal cost analysis to guide the next resource-allocating decision instead of full cost analysis. As Clayton Christensen points out, we intentionally bias ourselves to justify the next investment. To change, then, is to fight against the edifice of investment we built with our own hands. When you fight against it, you become a heretic. No wonder most innovations must come from skunk works far from the mother ship.

Both management and the union resisted change because it represented the specter of personal loss. Now both will go down together.

Timothy R. Clark is the CEO and founder of TRClark LLC, a management consulting and leadership development organization. His newest book, "The Employee Engagement Mindset," has just been released from McGraw-Hill. Email: trclark@trclark.net

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