Hostess shutdown puts 600 out of work in northern Utah

Published: Friday, Nov. 16 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

The company threatened to close its doors earlier this week if more workers did not return to production lines. Hostess CEO Greg Rayburn has said the company was already operating on thin margins and that the strike was a final blow.

Hostess' bankruptcy is expected to have a ripple effect in the economy of various gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores and thrift shops across the country. Sales of the once popular confections were already low, due to what some believe was intense competition from other snack foods, as well as a desire among the American people to eat better.

Issac Cook stops by the outlet store occasionally to grab "a quick bit to eat" when she hasn't had time for breakfast or lunch at home.

"It's Hostess bakery, it's the place to go to get snacks or something in your system," she said. "I really don't want to see the bakery shut down. I feel bad for the people who lose their jobs."

Contributing: Mike Anderson, AP

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