High school football: Mountain Crest Mustangs are led by players with a unique bond

Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 7:46 a.m. MST

"It's fun to watch him," said Webb. "He's a great player. I learn little things that he does, like how he cuts and stuff. I copy him. It makes me a better quarterback. But in the end, I just want to win."

Webb's older brother, Cameron, was on one of the Mountain Crest teams that lost to Timpview in the semifinals for three straight seasons. Webb admits his older brother asked for a bit of revenge and he feels "a little" pressure to deliver what those past teams could not.

"But not much," he said smiling.

So why can this team accomplish what those Mustang teams in the past could not?

Everyone has a little bit different take on that, including some saying the Mustangs will play better defense to others saying they will have more confidence. But Wootton suspects it might be the team's affection for each other and the belief they have in their ability to succeed.

"They're a special group in the way they think they can win every time," said Wootton. "They really don't even talk about winning or ask 'Can we win?' They just think they're going to win. They're pretty special that way."

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