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A reader is trying to find a date for her brother-in-law and wonders if online dating is a good option. Angela, and Ask Angela's followers, weigh in.

Dear Angela,

I'm trying to find a girl for my brother-in-law. He is divorced with four kids (his wife had an affair) and he's a great guy to date. Is online dating uber-lame? Or do you think it actually has potential to not be creepy or weird?

— W

Dear W,

Online dating is a great option, especially for a father of four who no doubt has his hands full and a very busy lifestyle. I think there used to be this stigma that only crazies who couldn't find someone to date in real life tried the Internet, but I don't think it's like that anymore. Literally, evertyhing is online — so why not a wife?

Good luck to him!



P.S. In fact, I asked around for you: Here are some quick responses to the question, "What is your perception of online dating?"

"If you join the right website? I say go for it. Both of my parents met their spouses online. You just have to be careful. I'm all for it." — Leah, 19

"I hear LDS Singles is actually pretty nice. Of course, be very careful, but I have a few friends that have loved it. I've heard good things about that one." — Becca, 20

"Never done it, but I think it's dangerous." — Christopher, 25

"I dont have a problem with it but I'd never do it, 'cause who's trying to tell their parents they met their girlfriend online?" — Terry, 19

"Why not?" — Shakira, 26

"It seems to have become the norm, but I find it creepy." — John, 40

"I agree with the site called "It's Just Lunch." You only go to lunch, and that's much safe than a dinner out! If I were ever in the dating world again (ahh!), I would do this! — Karla, 45

"At first I thought it was realy great to be able to meet up with people whose personalitites were so in line with yours, but after a few lackluster dates with close matches, I realized that you can't use a formula to avert disappointment. I'm more inclined now to just meet people in the normal course of life." — Kufre, 21

"Online dating turns people into products. That is why it feels so empty." — Thomas, 38

"Uhhhh..." — Olivia, 29

"It's OK, but men do not know how to approach a woman. An email saying, 'What's up?' is not OK. " — Laurie, 31

And my personal favorite:

"Angela? I'm not sure what you are talking about." — My mom

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So, online dating gets mixed reactions. Whatever your brother-in-law decides, remind him what Elder Dallin H. Oaks, of the Quorum of the Twelve, said about marrying well: "If you wish to marry well, inquire well. Associations through 'hanging out' or exchanging information on the Internet are not a sufficient basis for marriage. There should be dating, followed by careful and thoughtful and thorough courtship."

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