3 keys to encourage creative problem solving in small business

Published: Friday, Nov. 9 2012 1:38 p.m. MST

If you don’t capture and implement some of the ideas, you’re missing out on most of the value: One of the things about think tank that has been exciting for everyone on the team has been to see ideas discussed on Friday afternoon implemented in our activities over the following weeks. What’s more, Burke makes it a point to capture the storyboards or PowerPoint presentations so we can refer back to them, creating an environment of learning and sharing that cascades into the work we do every day. The think tank is a huge success in my mind.

Many business leaders talk about the need to foster an environment where people can step up and perform at a higher level, but Burke is facilitating an environment at Lendio where it’s actually happening. What’s more, he’s created an environment where we all realize that there are “many ways to climb Mount Fuji.” We regularly explore different and unique approaches to marketing challenges.

What are you doing to help your employees creatively solve problems?

As a Main Street business evangelist and marketing veteran with more than 25 years in the trenches, Ty Kiisel writes about leading people and small-business issues for Lendio (www.lendio.com).

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