Using common household items you already own as alternatives to expensive store-bought goods could help you save money with hardly any effort, according to Bankrate.

Swiffer refills

Fabric softener sheets pick up hair and dust just like the expensive refills would. You can even use a sheet that’s already been through the dryer.

Fire-starter logs

Dryer lint, dried orange peels and shredded documents are very flammable. These make for the perfect alternative to expensive fire-starter logs.

Wax paper

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Cereal bags are good for keeping cereal fresh, but they can also replace expensive wax paper. After cleaning and drying an empty cereal bag, cut along the seams to make improvised wax paper that works just as well.

Pet hair remover

Wearing a wet latex glove to remove pet hair is not only cheaper than the store-bought alternative that need refills, but it sometimes works better because you can reach into narrow cracks and crevices a lint roller cannot. Short hand motions are key.


Old or otherwise unusable socks can be used as convenient rags for dusting. Put them on your hand and use them to clean blinds, shelves and other furniture.


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