More than 80 percent of retail managers with the ability to hire believe seasonal workers are the best resource for finding full-time employees, according to CNBC, citing a survey by Aon Hewitt, a human resource company, and HireVue, a Utah-based digital interviewing platform company.

"As the American economy improves, retailers anticipate a busier holiday season than last year, and hiring qualified talent to address this expected demand will be just one of many competing priorities for them," Melissa Mounce, senior director and global operations leader at Aon Hewitt, said in a press release.

Even 28 percent of hiring managers expect to offer a permanent spot to half or more of their 2012 seasonal workers.

In spite of a majority of managers viewing seasonal help as a great source of full-time workers, more than 85 percent admit to making mistakes when hiring seasonal help.

"As everyone ramps up for the holiday selling season, many retail managers don't have enough time to dedicate to the all-important hiring process, which is particularly true during a year when they're expecting an increase in consumer spending," David Bradford, CEO at HireVue, said in a press release.


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