Most Americans feel the availability of credit cards doesn’t motivate them to go on spending sprees just because they can, according to Credit Donkey.

Of the 1,105 surveyed who owned cards, 74.9 percent reported never going on a spending spree just because they had access to a credit card.

However, 30.7 percent of the women surveyed with access to credit cards reported going on a shopping spree simply because they owned one. Only 21 percent of male credit card owners surveyed reported such behavior.

When asked if they ever applied for another card while their other card was maxed out, 77.7 percent of respondents said no. Of the women, about 26 percent reported doing this while only 19 percent of men reported such behavior.

Overall, Americans are more cautious about their credit card use. Of those surveyed, 54.3 percent pay off their balance — or more — every month, and 33 percent don’t own credit cards.

A large majority of Americans know the cost of their card to them, with 90.7 percent of those surveyed knowing the exact cost of their cards in terms of fees and interest rates.


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