Though it is not known whether good leaders are naturally qualified or trained, leadership traits can be recognized and cultivated in children, according to Michael Lewis, a retired corporate executive and entrepreneur who contributes to Money Crashers.

1. Reading and writing

These skills not only foster creative thought and improve understanding, but they necessary for succes in any career.

2. Communication

Proper pronunciation, enhanced vocabulary and comfortable public speaking skills can help children express themselves more clearly.

3. Bilingualism

Studies have consistently shown that children who know a second language have higher levels of comprehension. It is also easier for children to learn a second language early in life.

4. Exercise

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Exercise makes children feel good and reduces the likeliness of obesity. Sports can teach children the value of teamwork. Children should spend at least an hour exercising every day.

5. Music

Good music reduces stress and increases focus. It has been shown to decrease drug use and unleash higher brain functions. Even among adults, music eliminates stress and depression.

While we can’t change the future, we can manage our children’s ability to handle it, Lewis writes.


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