Facing a foreclosure on their home of 20 years, a Georgia family decided to give some things away on Craigslist. Little did they know that the ad would cause chaos, according to a local news station in Georgia, 11Alive.

"They came in and just tore the place up," Michael Vercher, a member of the family, told 11Alive.

Though the yard sale was to begin at 10 a.m. and was limited to items in the yard, responders to the ad were already at the property, removing items from the house when Vercher and other members of his family showed up.

"Everyone was inside the house; they were taking out items," Vercher told 11Alive. "There were cars around the block. It was like ants in and out of the house."

In the ad that caused it all, Vercher mentioned a large, free yard sale, saying people could take whatever they want.

The family decided to speak publicly with the media about it in order to ask for the items of sentimental value back, they didn’t care about the rest, Vercher told 11Alive.

Items of sentimental value that were removed from the home and never recovered included two guitars, which were gifts to Vercher’s fiancé, Dana Lamanac, from her father.

In response to concern from the community, 11Alive arranged for the family to receive a $400 Costco gift card and three guitars.

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