After unknowingly buying a house that was used as an illegal meth lab, one Oregon couple is planning to petition Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to run methamphetamine residue tests on homes they list, according to ABC News.

Jonathan Hankins and his wife, Beth, purchased a home they found on a Freddie Mac listing service for $36,500.

After renovating, they moved in and began to experience headaches three weeks later.

"We mostly experienced extreme dry mouth and had mouth sores, making it extremely painful to even drink water," Hankins told ABC News.

After talking with neighbors, they decided to buy a $50 testing kit and found 38 micrograms of meth residue.

Freddie Mac urges potential homebuyers to look on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s federal registry, which records the addresses of homes in which the owners have been caught in drug busts by law enforcement.

Problem is, the Hankins’ home was never investigated by law enforcement.

The Hankins have collected signatures and started a petition they plan to deliver to Freddie Mac, asking the agency to test the homes it puts on the market for meth residue.


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