Since 2009, the Department of Education has pulled between $80 and $290 from Vernon Williams' Social Security disability checks to pay for someone else’s student loans, according to Paul Dailing Times.

In 1988, Williams expected a $4,000 tax refund that was withheld by the IRS for “Department of Education student loan defaults.” Since the amount was similar to what he owed Morgan State, his alma mater, Williams didn’t think anything of it.

“I've been investigating this on my own, since I can't afford a lawyer,” Williams told Paul Dailing Times.

Williams, a retired grade school gym teacher, discovered that a Vernon L. Williams was attending Northern Illinois University at the same time that he was attending Morgan State.

“I could not have been at two places at one time,” Williams told Paul Dailing Times.

Williams recently received some good news. NIU staff believe him and members of Congress have decided to help him get information he needs from the Department of Education.


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