Balancing act: It's time to talk about time

Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

— Respondents said 50 seconds was the average amount of time that must pass before it's acceptable to honk at the car in front of you if the driver doesn't move after a light turns green. I don't think I'd wait even close to 50 seconds, especially if I could tell that the other driver was texting. In such cases, I'm pretty quick on the trigger.

While I may not agree with the average American on all of these statistics, as a time-obsessed person, I do appreciate the information. The next time one of my children or my spouse is getting ready too slowly and making us late, I'll just remind them that surveys indicate any amount of lateness is rude.

I'm sure that will go over really well, aren't you?

Assuming I survive making such a statement, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the issue of time. Are you an always-late person or an always-on-time person? How much lateness is acceptable? How long can you wait in line before rage sets in?

Send me a message, and I'll share some of your responses in a future column.

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