Studies indicate that while various psychological tactics are considered taboo during salary negotiation, they still could earn you more pay, according to PsyBlog.

While it is often recommended to let the employer set the starting price, the starting offer is the standard by which all other offers are measured. Start with a high number, but be reasonable.

A high starting point generally yields a higher salary, according to the PsyBlog article, citing a study by Todd J. Thorsteinson published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Appropriate humor can be another effective tactic. If the interviewer doesn’t receive the high starting offer very well, a simple joke could ease the atmosphere, and your starting number is still in place as the standard.

Treat the negotiations like a competition. But when necessary, negotiate with some of the job interviewer’s interests in mind. While putting yourself in the company’s shoes may earn you less money, the peace of mind might be worth it to you according to PsyBlog, citing a study by Michelle Marks and Crystal Harold published in the Journal of Orgazational Behavior.

The key to negotiating a salary is to think you are worth the price. Conduct research to know your worth and be prepared to give reasons why you merit the salary you suggest in the job interview.


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