The sticker in your windshield says it’s time to get your oil changed. But should you?

Many car owners continue to change their oil every 3,000 miles, about twice as often as what most car manuals recommend, according to an article by, an online car-buying guide.

"Vehicles are so sophisticated that oil is one of the last things that customers can have a direct influence over," Matt Snider, project engineer in GM's Fuels and Lubricants Group, told Edmunds." There's maybe some feeling that they're taking care of their vehicle if they change their oil more often."

The practice not only wastes money and oil, but also increases the dumping of used oil.

Other possible culprits for this behavior include outdated advice from previous generations and the 3,000-mile reminder stickers mechanics leave in windshield after servicing cars.

The average amount of miles a car can go before it needs an oil change is 7,800 miles, according to Edmunds.

Owners should consult their car’s manual to know how many miles they can go before changing oil.


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