While prescription drugs can be costly, there are safe and convenient methods of saving money on them, according to The Herald News.

Though shopping for the cheapest prescriptions can make for a lot of initial running around, many national pharmacies offer price matching, The Herald says. People can find lower prices at warehouse stores where you don’t need a membership just to visit the pharmacy.

Some stores offer programs that save money on prescriptions, though you may have to pay a yearly subscription fee for access to the deals. Also, some of these programs may not be available to Medicare recipients.

Another idea, according to The Herald, is to consider using generics instead of always buying the innovator drug. Generic brands cost less than the leading brands and are just as effective, according to the FDA.

Many pharmacies offer coupons for their services that can be found in the newspaper. Some stores even accept coupons from competitors.

Medicare recipients should check with medicare.gov on a yearly basis to see if their plan covers the drugs they are currently using.

Another option The Herald suggests to reduce prescription drug prices is to fill them using your insurance company’s mail order service. This method requires planning so that orders can be shipped through less expensive economy class mail.

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