Cathy Free: Free Lunch: It's a sign of the times: spinning Sputnik and double-dip ice cream cone are important to history

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 12:03 p.m. MDT

Bray, who has also amassed a large collection of historical black-and-white Sugar House photos, regrets that she was never able to go ice-skating at Hygeia, eat lunch at the Pine Cone or shop for new school clothes at the old Keith O’ Brien department store.

“I would love to back to the 1940s and take a walk around,” she says. “Since about all we have left of that time are a few old signs, I’d love to hold on to them. Because once they disappear, there’s no going back.”

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Cathy Free has written her "Free Lunch" column since 1999, believing that everyone has a story worth telling. A longtime western correspondent for People Magazine, she has also worked as a contributing editor for Reader's Digest.

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