SALT LAKE CITY— The only thing more difficult than not having money could be handling requests from friends or loved ones to borrow it, according to co-founder and CEO of

Andrew Housser, in an article for NBC affiliate, says individuals who plan to lend money to others may want to take some tips into account.

First, know what the money is buying. You have the power to determine what is worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Second, accept the fact that the loan may never be paid back. If you can afford to lose the money, loaning it out may still be an option. Never withdraw money from a credit card or emergency funds to give a loan.

"If a request for money comes from someone who is emotionally destructive or who is always in financial hot water, consider providing emotional support only. Additionally or alternatively, suggest they contact a reputable source of debt help so they can learn to manage debt on their own," Housser writes.

While it is a good idea to hold the borrower accountable for late payments, don't critique the borrower about their general spending habits.