Language: Some profanity is used in the film, though it is not prevalent. It is found mostly in situations where anger or emotions are being expressed.

    Drinking/smoking: Two characters try to "drink away their problems." A man tries to impress his companion with his wine collection. Guests at a reception are drinking. The “Old Man” character is a smoker. There are scenes from the 40s which depict smoking.

    Sensuality/nudity: A man’s chest is seen while he is in bed. A man and his wife are seen on a mattress together kissing, but fully clothed. A woman’s dress is pulled off of her shoulder. Another man takes a woman back to his apartment.

This film presents a story inside a story inside yet another story. It can be difficult to follow if you do not pay attention, so it is better suited for a 15-plus audience. This film raises questions that could present some good discussions between teens and parents about handling difficult decisions.

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