SALT LAKE CITY — On-campus entrepreneurs around the nation are putting mothers at ease.

Students are starting to offer services, like laundry and cleaning, to their unmotivated classmates for a fee, according to USA Today.

A rise in social media has led to a trend in college entrepreneurship, which is a way to help students in debt, Laura Vanderkam, author of time-management book "168 Hours," told USA Today.

One student started a cleaning service at George Washington University. Nate Andorsky’s company, D3, does between 60 and 70 cleanings in a month at $39 apiece.

Another student, Jeremy Young, a sophomore at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., founded HillFresh Laundry in 2011, according to USA Today. Moms pay as much as $349 a semester to ensure their children have clean clothes.

These services don’t necessarily help students with time, because students aren’t likely to clean or cook in the first place, Vanderkam told USA Today.

"I'd say it's more about Mom being assured that you're not living in total squalor," she said.


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