The value of a company can be seen in the rise and fall of a stock market. Also, employers can look at their employees to find the value of the company.

"As you move throughout your career, ask yourself, 'What is the impact I bring?'" said Christine M. Riordan on SmartBrief. Riordan is dean and professor of management at the university of Denver.

The success of the company is about the value, she said in the article.

"Analysts often cite Mutar Kent, the CEO of Coca-Cola, as a leader who has created significant value for the company," Riordan said on SmartBrief. "Under his leadership, the stock has risen over 50 percent. As importantly, Kent set the foundation for future growth and relevance by creating a culture that emphasizes collaboration, innovation and global expansion."

Employers need to determine what assets and liabilities are brought to the company. They should look at employees and see if employees are bringing the company down through unethical behaviors or inability to take on new skills, according to the article.


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