Mormon Media Observer: Covering Education Week deserves kudos

Published: Sunday, Aug. 19 2012 5:05 p.m. MDT

It's a moving thing to see thousands of earnest Latter-day Saints eager to improve themselves, to gather together and to feel religious power as they enhance their educations to learn in more than 1,000 different classes on everything from money-management to nutrition to spirituality and the atonement — and bowling. They seem to prove the LDS axiom that the Glory of God is intelligence.

Joy, the blogger, ended her post on Education Week the way she ends each post: "Be Inspired."

That's really the essence of Education Week in my view — including the times when you win a broken bowling pin.

Lane Williams teaches journalism and communication at BYU-Idaho. He is a former journalist whose scholarly interests include Mormon portrayals in the media, media and religion, and religion and politics.

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