Prices for regular gasoline jumped to $3.72 nationally, last week, an 8-cent jump from the previous week, according to USA Today.

Gas prices reached $4 a gallon in California, the only state to reach that high level, according to the article. The average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline in California jumped from $3.86 to $4.09, according to the Energy Information Administration survey released Tuesday. One contributing factor to California's spike in prices was a refinery fire in Richmond, Calif., which last week stopped oil production, according to USA Today.

Prices were up almost everywhere in the U.S., according to the article. The Central Atlantic region saw its gas prices rise to $3.72, a 9-cent jump. Excluding California, the west coast region saw a jump of 19 cents per gallon last week, bumping prices up to $3.94 a gallon. Prices in the midwest only rose by one cent. Gas price in the midwest currently sits at $3.78 a gallon.