Steve Eaton: Columnist discovers mild superpower: The (in)ability to overpower mental filters

Published: Thursday, Aug. 9 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

I guess in some ways, the ability to talk without activating any brain cells is like a mild superpower. It appears both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have this skill to some extent; it seems clear that there are others in Washington, D.C., who have nearly perfected it, too.

I would prefer not to have this gift at all, however. There must be a way to harness my superpower for good. What kind of job could I have where I could just say whatever came to my mind, with no filters? For now I feel like I’m just "biden" my time waiting for the next gaffe to come out of my mouth, and I hate that …

Hey, I wonder if Mitt would reconsider his pick for his VP running mate. The guy he picked seems way too smart.

Steve Eaton lives and works in Logan, Utah. He can be reached at

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