Standing out among other well-known competitors can be difficult for a company in its beginning stages. For the company American A'Rock Sporting LLC, competing against brands like Adidas, Nike and even Wal-Mart hasn't been easy.

This Utah-based company is working on filling a hole in the shoe market: Quality shoes at a reasonable price.

"You don't need to pay $100 for a shoe that you're just running for fun," said Tommy Sze, sales manager for A'Rock. Shoes on average retail price range from $39 for running shoes to $79 for hiking shoes.

"We want to produce shoes with a lower price with a good quality so it's affordable for everyone," Sze said.

A'Rock began last year, and they are working hard on growing their Utah consumers instead of finding customers in other states. Currently, their company has three to four employees working hard to fight against the challenges that come from starting a company.

The biggest challenge that they've come across is finding consumers that will test out a brand they've never heard of, said Sze.

Also, finding the money for advertisement can be difficult. It can cost about $20,000 to promote on TV, said Sze.

Despite challenges, A'Rock promotes their running and hiking shoes through their website and an overstock store called BDO Outlet in Ogden, Utah. They also plan on opening a store at Fashion Place this September.