ST. GEORGE — Just wearing a wristband can improve one's health. At least, that's what Joshua Taylor, event sales director at LIFESTRENGTH said.

Based in St. George, Utah, LIFESTRENGTH embeds minerals in wristbands, ID bracelets, watches and body tape. The minerals in the products improve blood circulation, speed up the recovery process and bring pain relief, said Taylor.

Two years ago, the company started making the wristbands with the minerals but has since come out with new products. LIFESTRENGTH now has body tape to help with joints and ID bracelets with health information that can be updated regularly online.

Taylor said the idea for the new tape came from personal experiences with regular body tape when he was in high school. He loved wrapping tape but he never bought it because he didn't know how to use it; no one showed him how to do it after he was done with high school.

"Why don't I use tape," Taylor asked himself. "I'm the perfect demographic."

Every package of body tape sold by LIFESTRENGTH has instructions on how to apply it and the tape can last from 5-10 days depending on the activities being performed by the user, said Taylor. The average item has around 21 ions in it, but LIFESTRENGTH products can have around 1,100 to help with healing.

The company currently sells its products in about 2,000 retail pharmacies throughout the U.S. and will soon be available at Target Corp.

Even with the company's growth, it has had its struggles, said Taylor. For years, companies in the industry said they had minerals and ions in their products and recently it came out that most companies — unlike LIFESTRENGTH — had no scientific proof or backing, said Taylor.