Wise Company spent years of trial and error to help the food storage business progress to what it is now.

Originating in Centerville, Utah founders Chris Hansen, Brian Neville and Danny Erickson worked hard to widen the niche of food-storage lovers.

Outside of Utah, food storage is a foreign concept for many people, said Hansen, vice president of sales.

Starting in 2008, Wise Company showed up at people's doors asking them to sample food. But they didn't stop there. The company arrived at house parties and county fairs and eventually the company had its own booth at Outdoor Retailer.

"We spent a lot of money on advertising," Hansen said. But it paid off in the end, with the company growing rapidly each year. "Just getting out from little niche markets into bigger broader markets is where the biggest challenge was and where we excelled," he said.

They eventually were able to get sponsors locally and nationally: Dave Ramsey, nationally known for speaking about finance topics, Michael Savage, national radio host and Michael Medved, talk show host and movie critic.

Wise Company stood out from other food storage businesses by diversifying their audience and eliminating a lot of wasted food through their packaging. The company minimized food servings in a Mylar Bags, putting multiple bags in one storage bucket. This allows the consumer to only open up the amount of food needed, allowing the unopened food to continue to keep.