WEST VALLEY CITY — The family of Susan Cox Powell plans to appeal to the West Valley City Council for records related to the investigation of Powell's disappearance.  

Family Attorney Anne Bremner said Monday it's the next step in a process that may ultimately end up in the courts. 

The family wants the records released, claiming now that Powell's former husband and her two children are dead, there's no reason for police to hold on to them. But police and the city manager have already denied the request. They say their investigation into Susan Powell's disappearance is on-going.

"We want to find out exactly who they did contact," said Chuck Cox, Susan Powell's Father. "We need to find out what they've done so we can figure out if there's something else that needs to be looked into."

Cox said they don't have any kind of vendetta, but they do want some answers. "We need to establish what they knew and didn't know and what leads they followed up on and haven't on the chance of finding her," said Cox. 

Joshua Powell, who was named as a person of interest in the case but who was never arrested, killed himself and his two children in February after losing an appeal on the temporary custody of his sons.

"We're left trying to recreate things and trying to figure out how to clean up the mess left behind," said Cox. 

Cox family attorney Anne Bremner said she does not expect the City Council to rule in their favor, but she said it's a necessary step in a process that could ultimately end up in the courts. 

The family has also discussed possible civil litigation in the case. 

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