Procrastination could actually payoff when buying a laptop this summer, according to SmartMoney.

Dell, Apple and Best Buy have already announced their computer deals for college-bound students, according to the article. But as good as their deals might seem, consumers should wait until at least late July to buy. Apple offers Mac buyers a $100 gift card that can be used toward app, book, music and other media purchases and the offer doesn't end until Sept. 21.

Last year, laptop prices in August were 13 percent less than they were in June, according to And that factors in sales. "These companies are fishing for suckers with back-to-school sales in June," Dan de Grandpre, chief executive of sales-tracking at, told SmartMoney.

States such as Virginia, Texas, Iowa and Maryland all plan to offer summer sales-tax holidays in late July and early August. Computers, printers and software are usually tax-exempt in such situations, Carol Kokinis-Graves, a senior analyst with tax advisory firm CCH, told SmartMoney.