SALT LAKE CITY — With Apple CEO Tim Cook's announcement of the new MacBook Air and Pro models at the company's annual event for technology developers Monday, many consumers are trying to sell their old models, according to SmartMoney.

"Yesterday was our highest day ever for overall Macbook trade-ins," Gerald Kimber-White, a spokesman for retail site, told SmartMoney. Resales were experiencing a five-month drop until this week, Jeff Traschel, CEO of, told SmartMoney.

With so many old models flooding the market, their resale value has dropped quite a bit, according to the article. An 11-inch MacBook bought for $999 in 2010 may now be worth less than $250, and prices might decline even further.

MacBooks usually lose their value faster than iPads and iPhones, partially because people keep them longer, Yung Trang, president of, told SmartMoney. MacBooks lose about 70 percent of their value within two years, Kimber-White told SmartMoney. iPhones, on the other hand, usually depreciate by 50 percent, according to a study by Priceconomics, a price comparison site. MacBooks don't experience a 20-percent price drop immediately after the new models hit the market, Traschel told SmartMoney, but iPhones and iPads do.