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Sarah A. Miller, Deseret News archives
Glenn Beck

On Tuesday morning BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins published "Glenn Beck's New Brand: Prophet of Love," an article which details Beck's plans to unify his values-based audience with a three-day festival called Restoring Love that will take place in Dallas on July 26-28.

"The venue set to introduce the world to this kinder, gentler Beck is a three-day event in Dallas that the conservative media mogul has billed, 'Restoring Love.' It will include a 'global tea party summit,' a conference of conservative religious leaders, and a concert-rally at Cowboys Stadium featuring inspirational music from a growing roster of artists Beck is building," Coppins reported. "The goal, he said, is to seize control of pop culture from the left by producing patriotic, uplifting art — and use that new megaphone to promote a message of enlightenment and love. The event sold out its 40,000 available tickets in less than two days."

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Beck made headlines Monday with the announcement that he had signed a new five-year, $100 million contract with Premiere Networks Inc. to continue distributing his daily radio show.

"Now carried by more than 400 stations, (Beck's) show typically ranks No. 3 among all news-talk radio shows, behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity," the New York Times' Media Decoder blog reported."So the contract extension brings a measure of stability to local stations that carry it."

The Deseret News recently published pieces about Beck's growing wealth and ever-expanding media empire.