Mormon Media Observer: Support for LDS Church coming from unexpected places

Published: Monday, June 4 2012 10:30 a.m. MDT

It is obvious that B.W. is a Latter-day Saint, so the defenses in and of themselves aren't surprising. What's surprising is the location. While I don't always agree with B.W.'s exposition nor the contentious tone of, that a prominent conservative website about politics would feature discussions of personal revelation and "the gospel of Jesus Christ" strikes me as significant and provides a credible defense for Latter-day Saints to those who like Breitbart's work.

B.W. wrote:

"Don't trust … news sites to portray the LDS Church, its beliefs, or its membership accurately. Far from being victims or oppressed by their Church, Mormons aren't expected to blindly obey and be kicked out if they don't. We are encouraged to get our own answers and testimonies through personal revelation. Whether or not someone leaves the LDS Church is a product of individual faith and conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ more than it is a reflection upon the LDS Church or its doctrine."

While Latter-day Saints don't chase phantoms of new homes today, the generosity of others remains a welcome gift today, just as it was in the 1840s and 1850s.

Lane Williams teaches journalism and communication at BYU-Idaho. He is a former journalist whose scholarly interests include Mormon portrayals in the media, media and religion and religion and politics.

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