The biggest stressor at the office isn't just the workload; it's trying to balance work and personal demands, according to Accountemps.

More than 1,400 chief financial officers were surveyed recently by Accountemps, and 41 percent reported that balancing work and personal demands gave the biggest stress. Next to that was office politics or conflicts with co-workers at 28 percent, the article said.

"Work or life balance may seem like an issue for individuals, but it also should be a concern for businesses," said Max Messmet, chairman of Accountemps and author of "Human Resources Kit for Dummies," 2nd edition. "Whether it's through flexible work schedules, telecommuting arrangements or other options, companies can benefit from helping their teams balance professional and personal objectives. Organizations that commit to these efforts enhance morale and productivity and make their businesses more appealing places to work," he said in the article.