What you put on your resume is especially crucial now as more employers wait until the very last moment to hire, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Of the 38,000 companies surveyed across 41 countries, more than one-third said they failed to find the employee they needed, according to ManpowerGroup, the world's largest temporary worker agency, in Businessweek.

"Companies have gotten sophisticated about who they need and when they need them," said Jeff Joerres, ManpowerGroup's chairman and chief executive officer, in the article. "In today's world, it's 'stretch out your workplace a bit more and [only] then hire.' Even if we had a robust recovery, I don't think you are going to see that change. Companies have had too many lessons about how you can get whipsawed the other way."

When the educational systems change to better match the skills with the job, Joerres said companies will be able to find more suitable employees, the article said.

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