Early boarding has been a perk for families with small children for quite some time, but that might change, according to SmartMoney.

Families that want to board early to avoid getting their children seated with a slew of other passengers might have to pay a $36 fee, according to the article. United Airlines is the most recent airline to start charging families for early boarding, according to USA Today. A few years ago, American Airlines dropped the perk, followed by US Airways in 2011. JetBlue, Delta and Virgin America are among the few airlines that still offer the perk for free.

The charge is most likely to bring in more revenue, George Hobica, founder of fare-tracking site AirfareWatchdog.com, told SmartMoney. Airlines are still losing money, even though they charge fees for a variety of things. The majority of airlines that charge for early boarding charge at least $9 a person. A family of four would have to pay at least $36.

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