Alex Kenjeev, a 2009 law school graduate of the University of Toronto, walked into the bank and plopped a canvas bag of $114,460 on the counter.

He was paying off his student loans.

“They also didn’t know how to handle it,” Kenjeev told Business Insider. “At first the manager didn’t want to accept the money.”

After a few phone calls and reviewing his bank withdrawal slip, tellers went to work counting the bills by hand.

"I was pretty naive," Kenjeev told Business Insider. "I didn't really realize how much of a hassle I'd cause for everybody. You just look at things and you figure cash is simpler than anything else."

There was no hidden message behind Kenjeev’s payment methods, according to Business Insider. Kenjeev just thought it would be funny.

"It was stressful enough to carry such a big debt load. I thought it would be worth getting a few laughs out of it," Kenjeev told Business Insider. "Neither bank thought it was as funny as I thought it was."

After more than two hours at the bank, Kenjeev walked away debt-free.

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