Continuing lessons in trust: The journey is the means but not the end

By Roland Lepore

For the Deseret News

Published: Wednesday, May 16 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

There have been days since our arrival in France when I have felt there was still so much more to give than I possibly could. The crossing of our own oceans in life becomes a means to an end but not the end. As we go from one opportunity for growth to another, we are given the blessing to use these opportunities to strengthen our testimonies or to struggle as we rely on our own strength. We do not get to see the end from the beginning, like we get to see exploring the Book of Mormon, but the lessons and principles are identical to our learning. The outcome to exemplifying that trust can be the same in our own lives.

As our family settles, the Lord has blessed us with the means to support ourselves working for an outstanding organization. But even so, there are days when adapting and facing administrative challenges and other unknowns come as constant reminders that this is a continuing process. We trust that in the end, all will be well for those who follow the Lord, regardless of the path we are asked to take.

My words are intended as a message of hope and support to all of you who might be crossing your own ocean for however long you have to endure in order to reach a new level the Lord has intended for you. To those asked to build your own boats not knowing how it can ever be possible, those thinking you might have given all you have to get to your own land of promise and then realize that there is still much more of a journey to travel: Hang on! Discouragement is a real feeling that can creep into each of our lives, but trusting in the Lord has power to sustain us beyond anything this world can offer as a remedy for such feelings.

Our Father wanted us to know up front, even in the scriptures, that in order to develop the faith and character we needed to become like him, we would need opportunities to keep trusting. Welcoming these opportunities becomes a choice and an opportunity in itself.

Take the time to recognize and celebrate your demonstrations of trust by writing down your feelings when you recognize how much that step in life has been a blessing to you. The day will come when that sacred writing will become more valuable to you than anything else in this world. Strengthened by a lifetime of experiences when you have seen that the Lord truly never abandons his children, your ability to trust in him will be enhanced.

I do not speak as one who has become like Nephi during this learning period of my life. But I am grateful to have been blessed with a dear wife and others whose ability to trust no matter what is a tremendous example to me when times are difficult.

What I know is this: crossing those waters is a process, not the destination. Laman and Lemuel lost that perspective. They missed their opportunity in thinking the means was the end and ended up murmuring all along the way, even refusing to ask for the blessing to spiritually understand that end. If only they had been willing to look up!

I am grateful for a loving Father who knows what is best for his children. There is so much hope in trusting, and, as we learn early on in the scriptures, it is perhaps one of the greatest lessons we are here to learn and the only way we will ever make it through the challenges we face.

Founder of lessaintsdesderniersjours.com, a website sharing news about and around the church in French to worldwide Francophones, Roland Lepore moved to Lyon, France, with his family after living in Utah for the past 10 years.

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