When GoBankingRates.com asked financial guru Dave Ramsey what contributes to today’s lack of financial literacy, the money mentor simply said, “Debt.”

“It’s become normal,” Ramsey told GoBankingRates.com “It is sold so aggressively that many have come believe it’s a financial tool. It’s not. Debt is dumb. It magnifies your risk in any situation. It prevents you from building wealth.”

To Ramsey, financial literacy means more than simply learning how to deal with money.

“I say finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge,” Ramsey told GoBankingRates.com. “You’ve got to make the shift in attitude. You’ve got to get sick and tired of being broke in order to make the necessary behavior changes to win with money.”

He also told the finance site that the recession was “a wake up call for most people” and financial literacy is the “same common sense our grandparents practiced.”

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