Recent studies show that 50 percent of college graduates are unable to find a job in their field. But how people make decisions can make a big difference in their career options, according to Fox Business.

Satisficing and maximizing are the two basic ways to make decisions, according to a study by Jason Dahling, associate professor of psychology at the College of New Jersey, cited by Fox Business. Maximizers tend to be very extensive in their job search but satisficers usually take the first job that meets their minimum criteria.

Even though maximizers spend much more time and effort looking for a job, they're usually less satisfied with their job than satisficers, according to the article. This results in people spending more time and effort to find a job, only to get less in return.

People should be realistic with their job expectations, according to the article. Being realistic increases the odds of liking the job more. People should also be more decisive, as a longer job-hunting process can mean more anxiety. Career fields can change, so choosing a career path doesn't lock people into anything. Also, people should look at the bright side of their job choices, Dahling told Fox Business. Focus on the positive and go forward.