Having a good credit score can do more than help people get loans, it can also help them get a job. But a bad credit score can be a huge hurdle for people looking for work, according to Fox Business.

Checking credit scores of potential employees is pretty common in the U.S. Approximately 60 percent of employers look at the credit scores of at least some of their potential employees, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

But why? What does a credit score say about a person's work ethic? Apparently, credit scores predict how well employees will do the job, according to a recent study by Daniel Whitman, assistant professor at Louisiana State University, and some of his colleagues. Higher credit scores usually mean better work performance and behavior in the workplace.

Credit scores also reveal a person's agreeableness, according to the study. People with higher scores are generally more disagreeable. A possible reason for this is that people with lower scores may avoid confrontation and get taken advantage of, Whitman told Fox Business.

"It's not always selfish to say no," Whitman told Fox Business. "Disagreeableness is like hot sauce, too much can be a bad thing, but just the right amount will give you that perfect flavor."

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