Gone green: Secret, easy and cheap ways to save the environment

By Michael DeGroote

For the Deseret News

Published: Saturday, April 21 2012 5:57 p.m. MDT

Choosing what type of food to eat, however, can have a greater influence. Meat production takes more energy than other foods. Cutting down on meat, especially beef, makes a big difference. "You don't have to become a vegetarian," Shulman said, "but if the average family cut its meat intake by half, that would save three tons of emissions over the course of a year. So it is pretty significant."

And it is healthier.

Green is people

Although switching to more efficient products saves more money and energy than changing behavior, those smaller behaviors can also add up. Shulman, for example, saved $130 a year in energy just by turning off his laser printer off at the end of each day.

Zehner said giving people a choice to refuse all junk mail could have a greater reduction in carbon emissions than all of the nation's existing and planned solar cells, combined.

Whether actions are taken to save the environment or just to save money, either way, a person who makes these choices will be greener. Maybe being green isn't so hard after all.

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