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There’s always a reason to celebrate food and April is no exception. It’s National Grilled Cheese month — and it’s spurring all sorts of creative and tasty ideas in the blog world. Fillings to include in grilled cheese sandwiches range from fruit to pork to green-bean casserole! One thing is sure: They all look delicious.

Fruit-filled grilled cheese. Traci from shares her breakfast idea for grilled cheese. It is filled with cream cheese, strawberry jam and blackberries. It’s certain after eating this delicious sandwich you’ll retire your box of cereal for good.

Healthier grilled cheese. Nisha writes the blog As her blog’s name suggests, she tries to share recipes that are healthier but no less appetizing. Her healthy version of grilled cheese starts with homemade multigrain bread and plenty of veggies (sprouts, avocado, roma tomatoes and pesto). The cheese? No scrimping here. There are three types: Monterey jack, cheddar and Colby.

Margherita grilled cheese. If you’re looking for a grown-up version of grilled cheese you can find it on Emily posts an appetizing lunch idea. She says, “Simply put, these are amazing! I think I had this for lunch four days in a row. The combination of the sourdough, mozzarella, pesto and balsamic is so good. Grilled cheese is not just for kids anymore!”

Barbecue pulled pork grilled cheese. Beef up (or pork up) your grilled cheese sandwich with some barbecue pulled pork. Carrian from says, “There is just something so homey and delicious about a grilled cheese no matter how old you are. … Normally, I wouldn't include a dipping sauce for a grilled cheese, but the sandwich really was even better dipped. Goodness, I can actually taste this baby right now. It is so gooey and wonderful!”

Green Bean Casserole Grilled Cheese. Jaymee from says that whenever she thinks of grilled-cheese sandwiches, she thinks of comfort food and then naturally her mind goes to Thanksgiving. Then, of course, one would think of green-bean casserole. She paired her grilled-brie-cheese sandwich with a green-bean casserole and mushrooms. Different, but delicious!