Deseret News/KSL delegate panel speaks out

Published: Wednesday, April 18 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

Kameron Simmons, Utah delegate

Gil: Our forefathers didn't agree on much. They worked their tails off trying to get a Constitution in place, etc. But they got it done. I'm tired of not getting anything done. And for the last two years at least, it feels as though the aisles have gotten further apart. And they need to come together.

It doesn't mean you have to compromise your principles, but it does meant that you have to decide your opinions might not be any better than the next guy's opinions. And you have to be able to recognize that and that they have opinions, too.

Sam: I think that in Utah it's especially necessary because if you want to get any of your legislation through, you have to compromise quite a bit, it seems from the Democratic side, at least.

I think it's necessary. We need a two-party system for things to work well. We need the views of all sorts of different people.

Daryl: They have the same basic values and principles in a lot of cases. You have to make the decision on their skill sets and their experience, not based on their ideas and values. In those cases, you make the decision not based on what they believe necessarily but what they bring to the table.

U.S. Senate race

Rosemary: All Orrin Hatch has going for him is his seniority and for me that's not enough.

Daryl: I think we have five years to fix taxes and entitlements. And those debates are going to happen in the Senate Finance Committee. If you don't have a seat at the table to actually participate in those debates and those discussions, honestly, you're not doing me a whole lot of good.

(Hatch) will be on the committee so the question is, do we have someone who has a seat at the table … or someone who's sitting out in the hallway as a cheerleader for the policies we want?

Kameron: If I had to vote today, it would be for Liljenquist. I see Liljenquist being totally capable of being a (Kentucky Sen.) Rand Paul … a (Florida Sen.) Marco Rubio in the Senate, then I think that's the best of both worlds for me. And I think he's an impressive guy who could get some change done.

Judy: I get concerned when a candidate says that he has so much power that we can't do without him. I think the government was set up so that we can have a distribution of power. And I worry also what's happening in the Senate that supposedly one man can have so much influence and power and so I think the way to change those things is to change who you send.

Kristen: It's tradition for (Hatch) to be the next in line (for the Senate Finance Committee chairmanship), but the House changed that. They don't do it that way anymore. The Senate could change that at any time. It's not a given. And the Republicans would also have to take back the majority in the Senate for it to even be a consideration. So he's running on that really strongly, but to me that's his only leg.

Utah governor's race

Kameron: I'm liking the guy with what I feel is the most impressive job background who for me is David Kirkham.

Sam: (Democratic gubernatorial candidate) Peter Cooke is a really good guy. I think that he appeals to Utah. He has sort of a Utah face and Utah qualities.

I saw a poster with the governor saying the four cornerstones of Utah and education was No. 1. But they don't treat it like that, and so I'd really like that changed.

Kristen: (Quoting Herbert) "It's not because the federal government is intruding in our lives, it's because they're not doing their job." I think they are intruding in our lives and (that comment) bothered me.

4th Congressional District race

Judy: I had heard he is controversial, I heard how polarizing he is. I expected this big meathead, pounding his chest and I went in and was immediately taken back by how inviting he was, how friendly he was, reasonable. I liked his record and that person's Carl Wimmer.

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