Tea Leaf: There comes a time

Published: Thursday, April 5 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

I believe the second truth to be from an outstanding business consultant, professional speaker, coach and all-around extremely smart guy named Alan Weiss. He, also in his 60s, suggested that the greatest sign of wealth as one gets older is not money…but free time. I will definitely have more of the latter, if not much of the first (that six-kid reality quickly comes to mind).

The final truth, used so often but so powerful, is something like “no one ever laid on his death bed wishing they had spent more time in the office.”

Powerful statements all.

More Lynnette

One other significant change in the office I have shared with my wife for years is a greater focus of her skills as a pop violinist, recording artist and entertainer. She is now working on her fourth CD, this one with music she has written.

Her website is www.lynnette.com. Her first three CDs were co-produced by Mannheim Steamroller’s Chuck Penington, who has also written some of her music.

I have always told my speaking clients that if they liked me as an economist and professional speaker, then they love her talent, her range of music, her charisma on stage and her passion.

We have had an arrangement in recent years. I make her listen to me speak once in a while (for example, last week in Orlando and the prior week in Seattle).

In exchange, I get to hear her perform every chance I can, no matter where it might be. (OK, Paris two years ago was a bit far). I am hoping she might let me have a small corner in what will now primarily be her office.

We will still fill a number of slots as speaker and entertainment at the same national or international conventions. Hint: discounted combined fees, lesser travel and lodging costs. Where useful, please stick that in the back of your minds.

Less Jeff

I will still need a professional office. I will continue to write my economic and financial newsletter, the Tea Leaf, now in its 37th year as a weekly publication. (It scares me every time I say that.)

We will still research and produce a proprietary monthly small business index in a variety of states for our banking clients. We will still research and produce a quarterly publication for the customers and potential customers of our major banking clients.

We will still be available to the local, regional and national media for statements, quotes and whatever it is that some people find of value from an economist. I will still serve on five select national forecasting panels. And yes, I and other economists will still make excuses for when those forecasts are most often wrong.

And then there’s Taylor

Our youngest daughter, Taylor, now 20 years of age and a senior at a local university, will continue to “run” the office. She has been doing so for two years. Her best friend, Lisa, will also continue to be of service. Many thanks also to our son, Shawn, who worked with us for six years and Lynnette’s brother, Kendall, who ran the show for eight years.

One more time: I’m still available as a speaker and as an economist. As they say, only the names have changed.

There comes a time.

Jeff is the only economist to have earned the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) international designation, the highest earned designation in professional speaking. He is also economic consultant to Zions Bank.

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