Tea Leaf: Wouldn't it be nice if …

Published: Wednesday, March 21 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

Our kids realized sooner that Mom and Dad might actually know what they are talking about.

The Castro brothers would bite the dust and be replaced with a stronger move toward democracy.

Incompetent corporate CEOs who drive companies into the ground were not rewarded with multimillion-dollar “golden parachutes” to simply go away.

The nation’s tobacco companies would leave our kids alone.

Airlines that lack serious competition in various markets didn’t gouge the public.

Teachers received more admiration and respect from students and their parents.

More working people would save seriously for their golden years (an estimated one-third of the U.S. population saves zero for retirement).

“Far left” liberals and “far right” conservatives in the media would back off a bit.

Lindsay Lohan was never heard from again.

Politicians were elected based on experience and ability, not on who can spend the most money and sling the most mud.

We could make real progress in “clean-burn” coal technology.

The administration was more focused on providing incentives for wealth creation and less focused on wealth redistribution.

There were less irritating ways to bring buyers and sellers together than junk mail, spam, pop-up ads, telemarketing and endless TV commercials.

Market corrections of various types were a little less painful.

The national news media would run positive stories more than once every so often.

U.S. firefighters, police officers and military personnel received our respect all of the time.

We would all get more involved in enriching the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our national campaign season was much shorter and less exhausting — for candidates and voters.

American military personnel could see their families more often.

We didn’t have a $15,300,000,000,000 gross national debt.

“Old fashioned” common courtesy between people made a big comeback.

The violence and language in today’s movies could be toned down a bit.

The problems in schools today were still spit wads, gum chewing and truancy as opposed to bullying, drug use and pregnancy.

American companies would begin hiring again in an even bigger way.

Each long-term member of Congress was required to take a year off, start a new business with limited funding, meet a payroll and then deal with the complexities and hassles they have created.

The outcome of many lawsuits was determined more by the facts and less by who has the deepest pockets.

The role of “peacekeeper” wasn’t associated with so much violence.

Many spoiled and pampered athletes in MLB, the NFL, the NBA and the NHL had to get regular jobs at regular wages (at least for a while).

We would all keep in mind that despite the problems and challenges we face in the U.S., this is still the greatest country in the world.

Jeff Thredgold is the only economist in the world to have earned the CSP (certified speaking professional) international designation, the highest earned designation in professional speaking. He is also economic consultant to Zions Bank.

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